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Discover all the most beautiful, exotic and rare cat breeds in the world, with photos and information on each one. Click on each image to find out the characteristics, behavior and care that each breed needs.

All breeds of cats and their characteristics, with images

Affectionate cat breeds

Indeed, people who hold to the belief that cats are unloving are simply wrong! 🐱 Those of us who have the privilege of sharing our home with one (or even several!) know that this is completely a baseless myth. If you're looking for a feline companion with a loving and affectionate personality, you've come to the right place! 🏠🐾

In this exclusive list, we present you the most tender and affectionate purebred kittens in the world. πŸ’• You won't find anything like it anywhere else. These adorable kitties love to be close to their owner, always looking for any opportunity to show their unconditional affection. There is no better feeling than having a furry companion who loves to be by your side! 😍

What are cat breeds

🐾 In zoology, the term "breed" refers to a closely related group of animals with common physical characteristics and behaviors. In the fascinating world of cats, they can be divided into two large groups: purebred cats and mestizo, criollo, common or mixed-breed cats.

Breed cats are distinguished by meeting specific physical characteristics, backed by a valuable pedigree that records their family tree back four generations, as if they wore an invisible crown that certifies their distinguished heritage! On the other hand, mixed breed cats are just as special, full of love and surprises that win the hearts of those lucky enough to meet them. In their bright eyes and affectionate purrs lies the magic of feline companionship, regardless of lineage! πŸ’–πŸ±

How many breeds of cats are there

Determining the exact number of cat breeds can be tricky, as different organizations and associations may recognize and classify different cat breeds slightly differently. Also, new breeds may emerge over time due to selective crossings and the appearance of distinctive characteristics.

In general, there are around 70 to 80 cat breeds recognized by renowned feline associations, such as The International Cat Association (TICA), the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), and the FΓ©dΓ©ration Internationale FΓ©line (FIFe). These breeds can vary in terms of appearance, temperament, and grooming needs.

What are the most popular breeds: top 6

  1. Common European cat 🐾: This adorable creature is the most frequent feline in Spain and in the countries of Latin America. A true hunting champion! They are active, playful and exude affection wherever they go. Do you want to know more about the common cat? Keep reading!
  2. Siamese 😺: Do you like short-haired and stylish cats? The Siamese is your choice! Their fur is an elegant cream color with the tips of their ears, feet, tail and muzzle in a captivating dark brown shade, also known as "seal". Find out more about the Siamese cat here! 🌟
  3. Persian 😽: If you are looking for a companion with long hair and a sweet character, the Persian is the perfect option. Calm and loving, these cats come in a wide range of colors: white, cream, black, grey, tricolor, champagne, and many more! Do you want to know more about the charming Persian cats? Join us on this adventure! 🌈
  4. Maine Coon 🐾: Do you love giant and fluffy cats? The Maine Coon is the imposing star! With their lush fur all over their bodies except the head, and their most common color of brown or gray brindle, they are a sight to behold. Although they are excellent hunters, their personality is delicate and patient. You want to know more? Let's discover the fascinating world of the Maine Coon! 🌳
  5. Bengali πŸ†: A touch of wild nature in your home! The broad, bold stripe and rosette patterns on its coat make the Bengal look like a true jungle cat. Available in shades of copper or silvery grey, these cats always turn heads. Do you feel adventurous? Come meet the intrepid Bengal cat! 🌿
  6. Ragdoll 🐾: Hailing from the United States, Ragdolls are large and extremely furry cats, with their white color and Siamese-like markings. However, what really sets them apart is their super trusting and loving personality. These adorable cats are pure cuteness! Do you want to know more about the Ragdoll? I assure you that you will fall in love with them! πŸ’•

Enjoy exploring the wonderful world of cats! 🐾😻